Friday, May 30, 2014



 The god that I'm am  going to talk about is Aphrodite. Her roman name is Venus. Her realm is love and beauty. She is very pretty but sometimes she was not known as the nice god, sometimes she was violent. One of her characteristics is that she is the mother of Cupid. Her girdle would allow her to make anyone fall in love with her.  Last, is that she is pretty.


I choose Aphrodite because I love that she is the goddess of love and beauty. Also, because she is very powerful. I choose her because she is so pretty and I wanted to talk about her. She is my favorite my favorite god because she is able to make the world a better place by making people love each other and make people happy with the person that they love. I would respect this god because sometimes she can be a little violent so I would respect her so then nothing bad happens. Also, she is my favorite because she is so pretty and you can always learn from her. Aphrodite's strength is love and beauty.


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